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19mm Aluminium 1050mm Foil...

The 1050mm mast is mostly used for big swell downwinders, or for more aggressive riding and speed with Kite Foiling.
Price €110.00

19mm Aluminium 900mm Foil Mast

The 900mm mast is the choice of big wave enthusiasts and tow-ins, when combined with the 680mm front wing. It's also...
Price €100.00

19mm Aluminium 820mm Foil Mast

Do you find the 750mmm just a bit too short for your local spot, but the 900mm is a bit too long? Then the 820mm is...
Price €95.00

Super Easy Start (SES) Foil...

As the name suggests, our new SES complete package is super easy to get started on, at an attractive price point.
Price €1,035.00