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Eleveight WS 2018 7m

  • Eleveight WS
  • Eleveight WS
  • Eleveight WS

Eleveight WS 2018 7m

05 / 07 / 09 / 11
  • 3 Strut Open C Hybrid
  • Medium aspect ratio
  • Rapid and direct turning characteristics
  • Stable downwind drift
  • Absorbing gusts and provides control in light winds
  • Light bar pressure for single hand control
  • Exceptional control of power and steering
  • E/8 trusted quality

DESIGN vision

The WSeries reflects our long journey and the search for the perfect wave kite. Everybody at Eleveight is passionate about surfing, with and without kite. Designing the WS was a matter of heart and is the result of our experience and hard work.
The WS has the pivotal turning characteristics that are essential to a good wave kite. To achieve this, we centered the turning axis. This enables you to turn the WS on a dime. The narrow turning circle ensures a smooth power development that does not rip you off your surfboard. The extreme fast movements of the kite can easily be transferred into your riding to find your line, supporting you to do radical snaps and smooth carves where you want them. Furthermore, the centered turning axis stabilizes the drift, just as if flying the kite in the center. This comes in handy when you park the kite at the wind window to fully concentrate on surfing the wave. The medium aspect ratio is key ingredient for the stable downwind drift of the WS. Even in gusty conditions the kite will follow you down the line.
Everybody who touched the WS was impressed by his crossover capacity and what a fun kite this is to fly.
Make sure to look up our E/8 Trusted Quality section for more information on the many features and quality aspects of the WS.

WIND Range


Eleveight WS

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