Kitesurfing harness, how to choose the best one

The kitesurfing harness is a fundamental piece of your equipment to practice this sport. The choice must be the right one, because you need to guarantee safety and comfort in this discipline. The harness is the part of the equipment that will connect you to the kite, so it must be adapted to your body and your kitesurfing style. You can get it at Azulkiteboarding. Don’t know how to choose the best? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Kitesurf harness features

The kitesurfing harness, as we already mentioned, is your direct connection with the kite (kite), which is located on your waist. It is not only responsible for transferring the force of the kite to your body, the most important thing is that it is your last security system to be able to solve any compromising situation. Hence the importance of this accessory for your team.

¿Cómo elegir el mejor arnés para kitesurf?

The harness is a part of your equipment that gradually it adapts to your body. That is why we recommend buying a new one. In addition, you should review the following recommendations:

  • See if it has a handle on the back. Its importance lies in the fact that it allows an instructor or another person to catch us quickly if you need help.
  • Try that the harness you choose incorporates line cutters or cavities to place them.
  • Define which modality you are going to practice, to choose the most suitable one (freestyle, freeride, etc.).
  • Choose between: waist harness (if you are an experienced rider) or seat harness (for beginners, it provides more security but less movement).

In short, if you are going to practice or already practice this sport, do not forget that safety is the most important thing. For this reason, it is essential to buy quality equipment and choose the kitesurfing harness that best suits you. You can find it at Azulkiteboarding

Kitesurfing harness, how to choose the best one

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