Tenerife, paradise for kitesurf lovers

Imagen de la playa del El Médano- Tenerife

Tenerife is a paradise for kitesurf lovers. The wind and waves of our beaches will help you enjoy your favorite sport. At Azulkiteboarding you will find all the material you need to enjoy this sport, such as kites, boards, wings or any accessory, both new and second-hand at the best price, such as the boards and kites used for testing. More than two decades of experience support us.

Where to kitesurf in Tenerife

Without a doubt, El Médano is the most iconic point on the island to enjoy this sport. Not surprisingly, the windsurfing world championships pass through this spot. It is a small coastal town in the south of the island, where north-northeast winds usually blow.

But it is not the only place to practice it in Tenerife. In Costa Adeje there are several points to enjoy the waves and the wind, the same as in Las Americas. Finally, we invite you to try locations such as La Tejita, El Porís or Güímar, especially if you have a fairly good level.

Why kitesurfing in Tenerife

Tenerife is surely the most diverse island in the archipelago. And this is noticeable in the different spots to enjoy your favorite sport. If there is a reason to practice it here, it is undoubtedly our privileged climate. Spring temperatures await you practically all year round, with winds from the different cardinal points that allow us to make the most of the different surf spots. There will always be a place for it.

The island is devoted to sport, and you will find kitesurfing schools for all levels. Here you will find unique beaches, perfectly equipped. Do not forget that in Azulkiteboarding we are waiting for you with the best material, from the best brands. All the equipment you need to enjoy your favorite sport safely.

Tenerife, paradise for kitesurf lovers

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